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Thursday, 27 January 2011

v is for vices

i do realise that my blog is a terribly far cry from one that hosts informative—well, information about my life, but after being dismissed from my work place (my services are only now being employed on a freelance basis; that is complete bullshit and absolutely not good enough), i've decided updating this blog is the least i can do to stop myself from going into a crippling depression.

not that my life has been or will be particularly eventful, but you get the idea.

i've been trying to eat healthier. less sugar, more protein. i try—the operative word here, of course, being 'try'—to stop myself to gorging my already engorged face with carbs. it has been a difficult week. cny is just a week from now, and i am completely unprepared for the onslaught of pastries and cured meats that will be catapulted at me every time i enter a household..

apologies in advance to the friends who will bear the full force of my perpetual whining and potential meltdowns.

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