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Sunday, 23 January 2011

internet repartee

this cookie was absolutely delightful. this along with a good serving of home-made-from-a-jar basil pesto pasta partnered me today, whilst i contemplated a troubling, baffling question.

in all but a mad rage, i wonder why i ever cut my bangs. what forced my hand? what possessed my speech to request a trim from an inexperienced foreigner who refused to listen to my rampant demands for him to stop once i had realised, with utter horror, my irreversibly stupid idea?

who would trade looking like a normal person to looking like an overgrown kimmi doll (not even in a good way)?

and this, it seems, is the least of my worries. while it may seem unreasonable of me to be this upset about not being able to purchase the clothes and shoes that i've been eyeing for the longest time, i am not ashamed to feel the same emotions that would typically be related to, say, finding out that you're adopted. and unfortunately for me, i can't find it in my heart to love my adoptive family of clothes, because they are hideous.

this also brings me to my complaint about topshop's lack of good customer service. i don't even know where to begin, so i shall save myself the energy and dribbling.

also, in my usual incorrigible fashion i refuse to take blame for the lack of posts in my blog. but i do come bearing some pictures from many moons ago:

i only vaguely remember when these were taken.

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