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Friday, 6 May 2011


there are an unnaturally large amount of photos i have for this post. should i just pick some out instead of posting all of them? i guess.. these were all taken almost a week ago, been way too lazy to edit them. oops.

so a week ago i went for a good lunch at culina's at dempsey with my mom because she wanted to go and i never say no to free food.

nothing like a really good caprese salad. i'm not saying this was one of them, lol. it was okay. the mozzarella was a little bland.

this kurobuta pork chop was enormous, kind of like an inch thick slab of bacon. it was so good it was ridiculous. i mean i was just staring at my plate the whole time, wondering if this was some sort of joke. i wondered briefly if i might actually be eating a recently slaughtered human child, but decided i didn't care. was too good.

fried phylo wrapped banana. tasted like goreng pisang lor.

after that i met nik for dinner in town at this place i read about. turns out the lunch menu and dinner menu are not the same. i should go back there for lunch. hmm

no pictures of nik's food because he is a lousy photographer when he is hungry. i mean like really fucking lousy.

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