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Saturday, 23 April 2011

strawberri milkshayk

nik and i have developed the habit of heading down to esplanade theatres on the bay on fridays and weekends while digesting food. it's really hot most of the time but there are nice surprises once in a while that kind of catch you off guard about local/regional talent.

what? we actually have that? apparently yes. (today was an exception though because these guys kind of sucked)

another recent discovery is that there is only one flavour of milkshake that is worth having, and wendy's seems to be the best one to do it. the ridiculous shade of pink that it comes in sort of assures me that it's going to taste exactly how strawberry milkshake should taste like—which i imagine is a whole lot of flavouring. purists (read haters), you are cordially invited to step to your left.

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