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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

home date

i'd say home dates are the best. sitting at home watching whatever you want either off the internet or on cable and not having to bother about other people or social customs. and depending on your cooking skills, i hear the food's pretty good. we always seem to end up having pasta.

what should we eat? iunno, pasta? i guess. it's almost past the point where i refuse to eat pasta anywhere outside the comfort of a home and a kitchen i can putter around in. and it's always nice to round off a good, authentic italian dinner (cooked in a wok lol) with some really rustic cookies fresh from a packet.

(vintage dress, vintage jacket, topshop suede boat shoes, canvas tote)

the dress really isn't as vibrant as it looks in pictures. i feel like it needs to retire but it constantly seems to creep back into my casual outfits like some kind of dirty std.

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