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Friday, 19 August 2011

yer dumbstruck babeh

so on the eleventh i accompanied dom to watch him get his ink did. here is a set of pictures detailing the process.

tattoo by lionel from johnny two thumb! was completed today; the other rib piece that comes together nicely in the middle. really awesome stuff.

afterwards i had a taste of kronenbourg blanc at gusttimo bar at ion. jesus christ on a bed of poison ivy was that shit good. everybody needs to try it. it tastes suspiciously like fruity pebbles. perhaps the barley is fertilised with it.


  1. Which tattoo shop did he go to? It looks very good!

  2. hey there! dom's ribs were done by lionel ng from johnny two thumb tattoo studio at far east plaza, #04-15. http://johnnytwothumb.com/ for more info, or you can email lionel at lionel@johnnytwothumb.com :)