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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

i'm just a kid

attended a private album preview for simple plan's new album get your heart on. i've always liked how pun-y their album titles are. hilarious /12 yr old

the experience, and this may potentially be unnecessarily dramatic, was absolutely unreal. talking too much about it might break my fingers, so i shall restrain myself, as i did during the event. admittedly i was a lot calmer than i'd anticipated, but talk about simple plan i did--for an entire day. i imagine shu grew weary of my relentless romanticising of the band while she thought they were kind of arrogant. i'm sorry shu. :c

perhaps the experience was heightened by the fact that i was a re-re fan, and i'd seen them when i was fifteen. at the time i wished so hard (fruitlessly, of course) to be able to meet them. sometimes i'd dramatise imaginary scenarios where they were my friends and i was the most awesomest fifteen year old in the world.

guys, i'd just liek 2 say dat ~dreEmz do kum tr00~

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