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Saturday, 16 April 2011

this is mildly embarassing

but i have been looking for the perfect casual dress for the longest time. at first i thought i wanted linen or some kind of cotton blend. but now i realise that i just really want some fucking chambray.

and it's especially ridiculous since my dream chambray dress doesn't cost USD$600 from lagarconne or anything like that. it is this:

sweetheart chambray dress - F21

fucking USD$14.80.

look at that front button placket and the full skirt. it's even short enough for me to wear. aaaand it has a smocked back. i'm actually really upset that it's sold out in small on the site, and have every intention of finding it in stores.

why am i like this?

ava sandal in black - kork ease

wooden sandals in chestnut - a.p.c

i shall also be leaving these here because i need to remind myself of how much i need these and how i'll probably never find them at reasonable prices.

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